DEXA (Available August 2022)

CT BMD – Bone Mineral Densitometry available at Campbelltown

CT BMD / QCT / Quantitative Computed Tomography or QCT Densitometry are all names used to describe a method of measuring bone density. It is the most accurate method in evaluation of osteoporosis.

DEXA – Available at Minto & Moorebank

DEXA is an imaging procedure using X-Rays to measure bone mineral density. It is also commonly utilised to diagnose and follow osteoporosis.


A DEXA/CT BMD is a simple scan used to diagnose Osteoporosis. It is also useful for follow-up of patients who have low bone mineral density or in patients who have started treatments/medications that can affect bone density to assess their risk of fractures.

Available Locations


Moorebank Shopping Village
Shop 14C, 42 Stockton Avenue
Moorebank NSW 2170
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Building B, Suites 5-9
4 Hyde Parade
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North Entrance Car Park
Shop 2A - Minto Mall, 10 Brookfield Road
Minto, NSW, 2566
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There are no preparations required.
CT scanners use X-Rays. As X-Rays can be harmful to a developing foetus, it is important to tell your doctor and our staff prior to the test, if you are or may be pregnant.
You can continue to breastfeed as normal.
A scan takes approximately five minutes.
You have no restrictions after having a CT scan and can go about your normal activities.
The radiographer may ask you to change into a gown if required.
The radiographer specialises in obtaining high quality diagnostic images, the radiologist (specialist doctor) is the only one responsible for writing up your report and discussing them with your doctor.
The results are available the next day
Most DEXA/BMD scans are bulk-billed (we will let you know when you make your appointment if there is a fee)

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