Computed Tomography (CT) is a series of images that are reconstructed by a computer into cross-sectional views. This gives us an incredibly detailed view of the inside structure of your body.

One way to think of it is of taking slices through a loaf of bread. When you take slices from your loaf of bread, you are able to see much more detail about the structures that make up the loaf. It is likely that this is why your doctor has chosen this test.

South West Radiology is the FIRST and ONLY Diagnostic Medical Imaging Provider (private) in NSW to install the world's first and only detector based Spectral CT Scanner.

This allows us to provide our patients with faster diagnosis and the lowest possible radiation dose for all of our CT scans.

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CT (Computed Tomography) is a series of images that are reconstructed by a computer into cross-sectional views. Significant technological advancements in recent years have greatly reformed and refined treatment courses. SWR uses Toshiba CT scanners.
Please bring your referral (letter from your doctor) and your Medicare and/or Pension Health care card with you to your appointment. It is important to bring all previous films and reports relating to the region being imaged.

Depending on the area to be scanned you may be asked to follow special instructions.

The preparation could include fasting before your test. You will be given all the relevant information when making your appointment.

When the abdomen or pelvis is examined you may be given some oral contrast to drink before the scan. This helps to outline the bowel in the scan, making interpretation easier and more accurate.

You will be asked to fill in a consent form and provide all relevant medical history.

For some CT examinations an injection of contrast (x-ray dye) into a vein in your arm is necessary to make the image clearer or to give extra diagnostic information. Some people may have an allergy to x-ray dye. If you have had a reaction before, please let us know in advance. In some selected cases, pre-medications can be given to reduce the risk of a reaction.

If you are diabetic and take Metformin (also known as Glucophage, Diabex or Diaformin), then you may be required to stop taking the Metformin on the day of your CT scan and the following 24 hours. It is best to bring recent blood test (renal function) results with you. All other medication should be continued. We understand that some patients are anxious about having tests performed. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. It is important that you are on time for your appointment to ensure there is sufficient time available to perform the procedure. Please inform the radiographer if you are or you suspect you may be pregnant.
Our highly trained radiographer will bring you into the CT scan room where you will be asked to lie down on the CT table. The radiographer will position the part of your body you are having scanned in the middle of the large doughnut-shaped scanner.

The radiographer is in full view and in communication with you throughout the scan. The scanner does not touch you, nor do you feel the x-rays. The scanner does make a slight buzzing sound and the table you are lying on will move in and out of the scanner. It is important you lie very still and at some stage, you may be asked to briefly hold your breath as the image is taken.

Each CT scan is tailored to each patient’s needs. On average the actual imaging time with our CT lasts less than five minutes. Generally, you will be in the CT scanning suite for 10-20 minutes overall.

Many exams require contrast (x-ray dye) injection into a vein in the arm. This injection is associated with a warm flush and a metallic taste in the mouth. Some people may have an allergy to x-ray dye. If you have had a previous reaction, please make our staff aware of this, prior to the scan. When finished, you may then get dressed and leave as instructed by the radiographer. You have no restrictions after having a CT scan and can go about your normal activities. To help eliminate the contrast medium from your body, you are required to drink plenty of fluids after the scan.
CT Coronary Angiogram is a study of the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart which is performed using fast computed tomography (CT) scanners. This does not replace conventional cardiac catheterisation, and may not be suitable for all patients, but for most patients it can be done and is more a convenient prodecure.
On the day before and the day of the examination avoid any Caffeinated drinks including coffee, tea, energy drinks or caffeinated soda (eg Coke, Pepsi), Energy or diet pills as well as Viagra or similar medication.
You must not eat for 4 hours prior to your scan.
Continue taking your regular medicines as usual, including Beta Blockers. If you are diabetic, and take METFORMIN, stop taking this drug on the day of the scan and restart 48 hours after the scan
Please allow about 2 hours for the study to be done

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