South West Radiology is proud to be the preferred provider of diagnostic medical imaging services in Campbelltown. We offer bulk-billed diagnostic medical imaging services, delivering comprehensive care with compassion.

Our Purpose

We are committed to delivering superior levels of care to every one of our patients. Our specialist doctors (Radiologists) and highly skilled staff use only the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our objectives are to:

At SWR, our primary focuses are to:

1) Enhance healthcare outcomes for our patients in Campbelltown through consultation and personalised radiology services.

2) Provide referring physicians with easy access to detailed reports and diagnostic medical images.

Our key partners include Philips Healthcare, Siemens, Canon Medical, Toshiba, Fujifilm Medical, Quantum Healthcare, Regional Health, Imaxeon, and Bayer.

To deliver our personalised service, our staff and specialist doctors speak a variety of languages including:


Our Promise
100% Bulk-Billing*

At South West Radiology, we are committed to offering affordable medical imaging services to our patients. We bulk-bill the following in Campbelltown, NSW:

1) X-Rays

2) Ultrasounds
3) CT Scans
4) Biopsies
5) Injections
6) Eligible MRIs are bulk-billed according to Medicare guidelines

MRI Scans

Magnetic resonance imaging uses a combination of a strong magnetic field and radio-frequency pulses to create detailed images of the body. An MRI machine is shaped like a tube that is open at both ends, with a table that slides into the tunnel in order to take the scan.

While the MRI scan itself is non-invasive, the machine can be quite loud throughout the procedure. Headphones/earphones will be provided to reduce the volume to a safe level. We can even offer access to our music & movie collection.

CT Scans

A CT scan (computed tomography) takes a series of images from different angles, using a computer to reconstruct them into a detailed cross-section of your body. Each CT scan is tailored to the needs of the patient and the part of the body being scanned.

With our advanced detector-based Spectral CT scanner, South West Radiology can provide faster diagnoses and the lowest possible radiation dose.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays use radiation to create an image of bones and soft tissues. Depending on the density, radiation is absorbed in different amounts, producing contrast throughout the image. Dense tissue, such as bone, appears white; softer tissues appear in shades of grey.


A radiation-free form of imaging, ultrasounds utilise sound waves to produce an image showing the inside of the body. This image is projected onto a screen, allowing our trained sonographers to assess different body parts. The most common procedures are pelvis, abdomen, and Obstetric ultrasounds.

Ultrasounds are conducted using a hand-held device known as a transducer and warm contact gel to ensure a clear image is produced.


South West Radiology offers dental imaging to help identify possible fractures, dislocations, or infections. We offer two main types of scan: Orthopantomograms (OPG) and Lateral Cephalograms.

An OPG is a panoramic X-Ray of the mouth, teeth, upper jaw, and lower jaw. The scanner rotates around the patient’s head to create a two-dimensional image. A Lateral Cephalogram involves scanning the side of the face to analyse a patient’s bite.

These scans may be recommended by your dentist or physician and generally last between 5-15 seconds.

Patient Referrals

South West Radiology is proud to collaborate with referring physicians to provide superior care for every patient. We accept all types of referral forms including those from public hospitals and private clinics.

All diagnostic reports and images are easily accessible through our Online Imaging Portal. If you have not already registered, contact your nearest clinic for assistance. Our experienced team is ready to assist you today.


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