At South West Radiology, our qualified specialists and administrative staff provide professional radiology services in Moorebank, NSW. We offer high quality medical imaging services with compassion and care. We are the preferred bulk-billing provider of radiology services in South West Sydney.

Our Purpose

We are committed to delivering superior levels of care to every one of our patients in Moorebank. Our specialist doctors (Radiologists) and highly skilled staff use only the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our objectives are to:

1) Enhance healthcare outcomes for our patients in Moorebank through tailored consultations and performance of high-quality medical imaging services.

2) Provide referring physicians with seamless access to comprehensive reports and diagnostic medical images.

Our key partners include Philips Healthcare, Siemens, Canon Medical, Toshiba, Fujifilm Medical, Quantum Healthcare, Regional Health, Imaxeon, and Bayer.

To deliver our personalised service, our staff and specialist doctors speak a variety of languages including:


Our Promise
100% Bulk-Billing*

At South West Radiology, we are committed to offering affordable medical imaging services to our patients. We bulk-bill the following in Moorebank, NSW:

1) CT Scan

2) X-Ray
3) Ultrasound
4) Dental
5) Injections
6) Biopsy

CT Scans

A computed tomography scan, also known as a CT/CAT scan, is a procedure in which a combination of x-rays and computing technology create detailed images. Scans are taken in thin cross-sections, creating images of every body structure at the same time including soft tissue, blood vessels, and bone.

Think of these scanned cross-sections as a loaf of bread. Once all the scans have been taken, a computer collates and combines them into a complete image. CT scans can be used for a range of purposes including:

  • Aid to planning surgery
  • Assessing the structure of the body
  • Diagnosis of a disease, injury, or trauma

Digital X-Ray

An X-Ray, also known as a radiograph, uses low levels of radiation to produce images of bones and organs. Radiation is absorbed in different amounts depending on tissue density. Denser tissues, such as bone, absorb higher volumes of radiation while softer tissues absorb less. As a result, bone appears white in the image, soft tissues appear grey, and air remains black.

A digital X-Ray is a quick procedure, with only a few minutes being required for each body part scanned


Conducted by our highly-qualified sonographers, an ultrasound is an imaging technique in which sound waves are used to ‘see’ inside the body. A hand-held device, known as a transducer is moved across the parts of the body being assessed, while warm contact gel is used to make sure a clear image is produced.

Ultrasounds can be used on a variety of different body parts but the most common procedures are pelvic, abdomen, and Obstetric ultrasounds.


At South West Radiology, we offer two types of dental scan: Orthopantomograms (OPG) and Lateral Cephalograms. These dental imaging methods can help identify potential dislocation, fractures, or infections.

An OPG involves a scanner rotating around the patient’s head from ear to ear. Only taking approximately 15 seconds, the OPG creates a panoramic X-Ray of the upper jaw, lower jaw, teeth, and mouth.

Lateral Cephalograms are a more precise form of diagnostic in which a portion of the jaw is scanned to assess a patient’s bite and the relationship between the maxilla and mandible.

Patient Referrals

Our friendly team of specialists and professionals are proud to work with referring physicians to provide premium patient care. We accept all types of referral forms including those from private clinics and public hospitals.

All medical images and diagnostic reports are available through our Online Imaging Portal. Contact your nearest clinic for assistance if you have not already registered for the portal. Our team is ready to assist you today.


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