At South West Radiology, our qualified specialists and administrative staff provide professional radiology services in Edmondson Park, NSW. We offer high quality medical imaging services with compassion and care. We are the preferred bulk-billing provider of radiology services in Edmondson Park, NSW.

Our Purpose

We are committed to delivering superior levels of care to every one of our patients in Edmondson Park, NSW. Our specialist doctors (Radiologists) and highly skilled staff use only the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our objectives are to:

1) Enhance healthcare outcomes for our patients in Edmondson Park, NSW through tailored consultations and performance of high-quality medical imaging services.

2) Provide referring physicians with seamless access to comprehensive reports and diagnostic medical images.

Our key partners include Philips Healthcare, Siemens, Canon Medical, Toshiba, Fujifilm Medical, Quantum Healthcare, Regional Health, Imaxeon, and Bayer.

To deliver our personalised service, our staff and specialist doctors speak a variety of languages including:


Our Promise
100% Bulk-Billing*

South West Radiology is committed to providing affordable imaging to our patients in Edmondson Park. We bulk bill the following services:

1)Digital X-Rays
2) CT Scan
3) Ultrasounds/Obstetric Ultrasounds
4) Dental Scans
5) Injections
6) Biopsies
7) Eligible MRIs are bulk-billed according to Medicare guidelines

Digital X-Rays

An X-Ray, also known as a radiograph, uses low-doses of radiation to create an image of bones and internal organs. As the radiation passes through the body, the density of certain tissues affect how much radiation is absorbed. Bone absorbs a higher proportion of the radiation, appearing white on the final X-Ray. Softer tissues, such as organs, muscle, and fat absorb less radiation and appear grey.

An X-Ray will only take a few minutes to capture the image of each body part in need of assessment.


Our highly-trained sonographers and radiologists use sound waves created by a hand-held transducer to image the inside of the body. A warm contact gel is applied to the area being assessed to streamline the transmission of sound waves. The transducer is moved across the body with a sliding and rotating action to produce an accurate image.

Obstetric ultrasounds are procedures used to assess the health of unborn children. Non-invasive and radiation-free, Obstetric ultrasounds focus on the uterus, ovaries, and endometrium.

The most common ultrasounds focus on the abdomen and pelvis with each procedure generally taking between 20 and 30 minutes.

CT Scans

Utilising low-doses of radiation, a series of images are taken of the body in thin sections. X-rays collect information about every body structure within the scanned area. These images are then collated and reconstructed into a detailed cross-section showing blood vessels, soft tissues, and bone.

Dental Scans

Able to identify potential infections, dislocations, or fractures, our dental scans can determine any issues with dentition. Conducted by our highly-trained technicians, South West Radiology offers two types of dental scan.

Orthopantomograms (OPGs) are panoramic X-Rays of the upper and lower jaw, maxillary sinus, and jaw. The specialised OPG unit rotates around the patient’s head, creating a two-dimensional view from ear to ear.

A Lateral Cephalogram is a scan of the side of the patient’s face in order to determine the relationship between the maxilla and mandible. Using precise positioning, Lateral Cephalograms are used to assess the nature of a patient’s bite.


The specialists and technicians at South West Radiology offer a selection of bulk-billed procedures including biopsies and injections.

Musculoskeletal Injections

These consist of a broad range of injections predominantly employed to treat pain, often used alongside diagnostic imaging techniques such as CT scans or ultrasounds.

Spinal Injections

Guided with CT scans, spinal injections deliver pain-relieving medications directly to the area of the spine causing discomfort or soreness.

Fine Needle Biopsies

Cells are removed from the area in question using a thin needle, which are then viewed and analysed by a pathologist.

Patient Referrals

South West Radiology collaborates with all referring physicians to provide superior care for each and every patient. We accept all types of referral forms including ones from our private facilities or public hospitals.

Our friendly team is available to assist you today.