At South West Radiology, our qualified specialists and administrative staff provide professional radiology services in Hoxton Park, NSW. We offer high quality medical imaging services with compassion and care. We are the preferred bulk-billing provider of radiology services in Hoxton Park, NSW.

Our Purpose

We are committed to delivering superior levels of care to every one of our patients in Hoxton Park, NSW. Our specialist doctors (Radiologists) and highly skilled staff use only the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our objectives are to:

1) Enhance healthcare outcomes for our patients in Hoxton Park, NSW through tailored consultations and performance of high-quality medical imaging services.

2) Provide referring physicians with seamless access to comprehensive reports and diagnostic medical images.

Our key partners include Philips Healthcare, Siemens, Canon Medical, Toshiba, Fujifilm Medical, Quantum Healthcare, Regional Health, Imaxeon, and Bayer.

To deliver our personalised service, our staff and specialist doctors speak a variety of languages including:


Our Promise
100% Bulk-Billing*

We are committed to providing affordable healthcare services to our patients. South West Radiology bulk-bills the following in Hoxton Park:

1) CT scans

2) Dental Scans
3) Ultrasounds/Obstetric Ultrasounds
4) Digital X-Rays
5) Biopsies
6) Injections
7) Eligible MRIs are bulk-billed according to Medicare guidelines

CT Scans

Standing for computed tomography, CT scans involve a series of images taken using low-dose x-rays, which are then reconstructed into detailed images. Tailored to the needs of each patient, scans of the body are captured in thin sections to collect information about internal structures. Using a computer, these separate scans are combined into a comprehensive cross-sectional view showing blood vessels, bone, and soft tissues.

MRI Scans

Based at our Campbelltown clinic, our MRI scanner uses a powerful magnetic field and radio pulses in order to create detailed images of the body. An MRI is a non-invasive procedure that does not use ionising radiation when scanning.

The scanner consists of a large tube with an open-ended tunnel and a padded table for the patient to lie on. This table will slide into the tunnel while the scan is in progress.

Headphones/earphones will be provided while the scan is in progress to ensure the volume of the machine is reduced to a safe level. We can even provide access to our collection of music and movies.


An ultrasound involves the use of sound waves, created by a hand-held transducer to ‘see’ inside the body. Using the transducer and a contact-gel to eliminate air pockets, our experienced sonographers will assess specific spots on the body. While ultrasounds can be used on many different parts of the body, the most common procedures focus on the abdomen and pelvic regions.

Due to being non-invasive and radiation free, Obstetric ultrasounds are an ideal solution for monitoring pregnancies, used to assess the health of unborn children.

X-Ray Scans

An X-Ray (radiograph) is created through the absorption of radiation by bodily tissues. Due to its higher density, bone absorbs most of the radiation, followed by softer tissues such as organs. Due to this, bones appear white on the final digital image, soft tissue is grey, and air remains black.


At South West Radiology, our specialists offer a variety of bulk-billed injections and procedures to aid with pain-relief and diagnostics. These include spinal injections, image-guided biopsies, image-guided core biopsies, and musculoskeletal injections.

Patient Referrals

To ensure premium patient care, South West Radiology collaborates with all referring physicians. All types of referral forms are accepted at SWR, including those provided by public hospitals, private clinics, and competitors.

All medical images and diagnostic reports will be available to view through our Online Imaging Portal. If you need help registering for the online service, please contact your nearest clinic for assistance. Our friendly team is here to help!