At South West Radiology, our  specialist doctors and clinical staff provide personalised radiology services to residents of Bonnyrigg, NSW. We offer high quality medical imaging services with compassion and care. We are the preferred bulk-billing provider of radiology services to patients and referring physicians in Bonnyrigg, NSW.

Our Purpose

We are committed to delivering superior levels of care to every one of our patients in Bonnyrigg, NSW. Our specialist doctors (Radiologists) and highly skilled staff use only the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our objectives are to:

1) Enhance healthcare outcomes for our patients in Bonnyrigg, NSW through tailored consultations and performance of high-quality medical imaging services.

2) Provide referring physicians with seamless access to comprehensive reports and diagnostic medical images.

Our key partners include Philips Healthcare, Siemens, Canon Medical, Toshiba, Fujifilm Medical, Quantum Healthcare, Regional Health, Imaxeon, and Bayer.

To deliver our personalised service, our staff and specialist doctors speak a variety of languages including:


Our Promise
100% Bulk-Billing*

Dedicated to providing affordable healthcare services to our patients, South West Radiology bulk-bills the following:

1) Ultrasounds/Obstetric Ultrasounds

2) CT Scan
3) Digital X-Rays
4) Dental Scans
5) Biopsy
6) Injections
7) Eligible MRIs are bulk-billed according to Medicare guidelines

CT Scans

Computed tomography scans involve taking a series of images from multiple angles in order to create a cross-section of the body. These images are captured in thin slices using low-doses of radiation, reconstructed by a computer into a detailed cross-sectional view. Radiologists and physicians can assess the internal structures of the body such as bone, soft tissues, and blood vessels.

Dental Imaging

South West Radiology offers two types of scans to assist with surgery planning or to identify any potential issues.

Orthopantomograms (OPG) create a panoramic X-Ray of the teeth, maxillary sinus, upper jaw, and lower jaw. The OPG unit will rotate around the patient’s head, producing a two-dimensional view from ear to ear. This scan takes approximately fifteen seconds to complete. A Lateral Cephalogram scans the side of the face with precise positioning in order to assess a patient’s bite.

Digital X-Ray

Also known as a radiograph, X-Rays are digital images created by passing radiation through the body. Different parts of the body absorb varying amounts of radiation, which presents a contrast on the final image. Soft tissues absorb less radiation compared to dense substances, such as bone, which absorb more. As a result, bones appear white on an X-Ray while organs and other soft tissues appear grey.


Ultrasounds use inaudible sound waves to assess internal organs and other areas of the body. A hand-held transducer both emits and detects the sound in order to create the image. A contact gel is applied to the skin in order to eliminate air pockets which ensures a clear image is captured.


An MRI is a non-invasive scan which combines a powerful magnetic field with pulses of radio waves to produce a detailed image. Magnetic resonance imaging will require a patient to lie on a padded bed which is moved into the open-ended tunnel of the MRI machine. The scan will generally take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete.

As the MRI can be quite noisy, patients will be provided with earphones/headphones as well as a buzzer in case they wish to talk with the specialists.

South West Radiology performs MRI scans at our Campbelltown clinic.

Our Referral Service

South West Radiology is proud to collaborate with all referring physicians in order to provide exceptional care for every patient. We accept all types of referral including those supplied by private clinics and public hospitals.

Using our Online Imaging Portal, patients and physicians can easily access medical scans and diagnostic reports. If you need help registering for the service, contact your nearest clinic.